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BB Tank is perfect.  Here is some more proof, In case you were not yet convinced.

Via Puck Daddy:

You might know Vladimir Tarasenko as the St. Louis Blues’ first round pick in 2010. You might also know him as a forward for St. Petersburg of the KHL. As a member of Team Sergei Fedorov during today’s KHL’s Skills Competition, Tarasenko dove into his bag of tricks, pulled out a fishing wire and gave us one of the more creative attempts we’ve ever seen in hockey’s version of the Slam Dunk Competition

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. There was no magic involved in that attempt. That was a fishing line attached to Tarasenko’s stick, and after he completed the trick to perfection, scoring on [BB Blue!] Konstantin Barulin of Team Sandis Ozolinsh, he was named the winner of the competition.

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